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Lifetime Warranty

To us, the phrase “lifetime warranty” is more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a sign of our integrity. Sensio America’s Lifetime Warranty is the most comprehensive in the lighting industry. If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship of one of our products, we will replace it. Period.


We focus on quality in every step of our product design. Then we stand behind those products once they leave our factory. We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on everything we make. Wouldn't it be great if every company did this?


Sensio has built its reputation on engineering products that exceed consumer expectations for quality and durability. Our products set the standard for reliability and our Lifetime Warranty is an expression of our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with our lighting products.

Sensio products have always been designed and built to a higher standard. Because we monitor the quality of every product we build, we back them with a Lifetime Warranty. Not three years, not five, but forever. You can feel confident selling a product that will last, and we’ll stand behind it the whole time.

Sensio America Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms

The following are special terms applicable to our Lifetime Warranty.


Duration of Warranty: As long as the original End User continues to own or use the Product. In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Sensio America warranty support is limited to five (5) years from the discontinuance.


Replacement, Repair or Refund Procedure for Product: Sensio America will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within ten (10) working days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on customer location and product availability. Sensio America reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy.


To Receive a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number: Please contact the party from whom you purchased the product. If you purchased the product directly from Sensio America, contact the Sensio America Support Department at Proof of purchase is required.

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