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With a variety of puck and strip solutions, you will find that the Sensio line of LED lighting has everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere. Besides a lifespan of over 30 years, our LED lights are extremely energy efficient and ECO friendly, using over 90% less energy than halogen fixtures. Their ease of installation and ability to be dimmed with our unique DayBreak driver makes them the perfect fit for most any application. Built with the highest quality components, all of our products are made to last.

A versatile lighting solution, pucks are typically used as under-cabinet task lighting or to illuminate the inside of cabinets. Many puck lights can either be surface or recess mounted. Puck lights are popular because they are so versatile. For example, under-cabinet puck lights can be used to highlight specific areas on a kitchen countertop. In addition, they are popular for illuminating inside cabinets with glass doors or installed to turn on when a cabinet is opened. Pucks can be used anywhere you need a little extra light because they fit places other lights often can’t. Though small, they can also emit a lot of light for their size.

Strip lights are excellent at producing consistent, even illumination wherever they are used. They are often used under-cabinets, over-cabinet, in-cabinet and along toe kick areas. Because of their low profile and ease of installation, they offer limitless possibilities for a variety of applications. Choose between ridged and flexible strips, most of which can be interlinked to create one continuous run. Some of our strips can even be cut-to-size to produce a truly custom solution.

Drivers are needed to power low voltage LED lighting. Sensio drivers include special components to accommodate the unique demands of LED lighting and their power output matches the requirements of the fixtures they supply.

Good lighting control can make a real difference to the functionality of your application. Sensio offers a full range of modules including touch and RF dimmers, RGB controllers and infrared sensors.


The SensioPod is an attractive pull up socket solution. Great for use in kitchen islands, the SensioPod boasts several design features. Choose the best solution for you from our complete range.

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