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We are happy to review your lighting designs to make sure they are as efficient as possible. Although the Lighting Wizard does all of the "heavy lifting", sometimes minor adjustments can help to ensure your lighting plan is fully optimized. Once you use the software for a while, these will become easier for you to identify. Until then, the support team at Sensio will be happy to review your designs and suggest ways to improve the lighting layout, including the drivers and connectors automatically placed by the Wizard.


Simply fill in the form below and attach your 2020 Design (.kit) file (or PDF). We will respond to you as soon as possible with any suggestions we may have.


If possible, please also upload the catalog zip file for the cabinets you used in your design so that we can be sure we have the same product loaded when reviewing your lighting plan.


We look forward to helping you make your lighting designs the best that they can be.

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