HD LED Battery Operated Utility Light
Providing an innovative solution for drawers, Sensio has developed the compact HD LED drawer light. Exclusively released by Sensio, the SA9030HD uses innovative sensor technology and energy efficient lighting. When a drawer is opened or motion is detected, the fixture illuminates with powerful HD LEDs (see below). Maximizing storage space, these lights will make even the deepest, darkest and most awkward drawers fully accessible. The SA9030HD features the innovative High Definition technology which runs at only 0.3W. The SA9030HD utility light has very low energy consumption and produces no wasteful heat. In addition the LEDs have a long lamp life of approximately 50,000 hours which means that replacements will be few and far between. The sensor technology also ensures that energy will never be wasted as it is only active when necessary. Simple to install, the SA9030HD has no wiring as it is powered by 4 AAA batteries. Providing complete versatility, the unit can be mounted anyway you choose. Installing the light is easy using the included double sided 3M tape. Available in an aluminum finish.
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