SLS LED Recess/Surface Light
The SLS LED Recess/Surface Light provides the same output as halogen lights, but without the high running costs, excessive heat or short life associated with them. Each light is comprised of several small LED's on a flat base. Thanks to the unique manufacturing process of the SLS range, they produce an even glow without individual LED's being visible. The wide angle beam they produce banishes dark spots under or inside cabinets. Housed in a sleek aluminum casing and created with both cool white and warm white tones, the Sensio SLS will be at home in both modern and traditional households. And as an added bonus, the recess/surface option is fully compatible with Sensio switches and dimmers. The long lifespan of 50,000 hours provides years of maintenance-free lighting. Extremely low power usage allows for many hours of guilt-free task or display lighting, and does so without generating excessive heat. Up to 5 lights may be run from our 15W driver and up to 10 lights may be run from our 30W driver. Available in cool white or warm white light with an aluminum finish.
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⚫ Surface Light Source (SLS) products are LED fittings with no visible LED points

⚫ Achieve the same look and light output as a halogen light while seeing significant savings on energy bills

⚫ This sleek, elegant design looks great in both contemporary and more traditional kitchens

⚫ Available in both cool white and warm white LED - choose the option which will work best with the worktop and kitchen style

⚫ Use as task lighting under cabinets or to illuminate cabinet interiors of glass fronted wall units

⚫ Fitting can be surface or recess mounted with included collar

⚫ Long lamp life - lasts up to 28 years more than halogen

⚫ Can be used with the range of Sensio switches and dimmers







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