Pop Up Power and Charging Station
Providing a practical solution to power and charging needs, the SensioPod pops up to give access to power and USB outlets and then neatly retracts, hidden from view. The SensioPod is capable of closing to its retracted state while appliances are still plugged in. This novel solution features three power sockets and two USB ports. In keeping with contemporary design trends, the SensioPod has a modern aluminum casing. Comfortable and simple to use, it has a specially designed handle to allow it to be easily pulled out. Tested to ensure that it is durable and long lasting, Sensio has created a quick release catch to guarantee that it will always close securely. An illuminated neon green control switch indicates when the SensioPod is active. Produced to utilize space efficiently, the SensioPod can be cleverly situated in otherwise redundant space. Highly adaptable, it can be fitted into desks, work surfaces or kitchen islands, and even around sinks. Designed to withstand splashes, the IP54 rated SensioPod has built-in water channels that filter water away. Standard with either an aluminum or black plastic top. Also available with either a gun metal or stainless steel metal top. To mount, cut a 3 5/8" (92mm) hole and simply place the pod in and lock down with the screw in locking collar.

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